Shelfie Sunday!

Hey y’all! So this Sunday I decided to do a shelf tour because…tomorrow is my birthday and my hubby is buying me new bookshelves! This will be the last shelfie sunday with this bookshelf as my only shelf.

Pictured below is my (very full) bookshelf – and this isn’t even all of them. I cannot WAIT for more space. This is how it’s organized:


On Top: Obviously, Harry Potter deserves a place of honor – the very top of the bookshelf.  The Twilight series is also up there, but mainly because the books are GINORMOUS and they take up a ton of room on the actual shelves.

First Shelf: Book of the month books, organized by color! I LOVE this shelf, and if you haven’t checked out BOTM do it now!! Also on this shelf are a couple of series that really don’t fit anywhere else on this bookshelf so i threw them in the corner (Sisterhood of the traveling pants, Sabriel series, and A Wrinkle in Time series).

Second Shelf: Most of these are standalone books, or first books in series that haven’t released the second one yet. I tried to organize by color but unfortunately I seem to have an abundance of white, blue and black. Also, a lot of these books are paperback or different sizes so the aesthetics of this shelf irritate me.

Third Shelf: This is one of my favorites. These are my series books (with Children of Blood and Bone and Strange the Dreamer since they don’t fit on shelf 2. See my reviews of those books by following the links!).  Honestly this is where I could use more space the most – I have several other series not pictured that would love to be on a shelf! Is anyone else too OCD to separate their series?? I know these would look lovely organized by color but I CAN’T DO IT.

Fourth Shelf: Obviously, this shelf is overflowing. This is my (ever growing) TBR shelf. Help! I literally think I need an entire bookshelf JUST FOR MY TBR. Again, this is not even all of them. I need a book ban so bad but I’m not a quitter.

And that’s it guys! That’s how I organize my current bookshelf. This is where I need your help. Comment below – how do you organize your shelf? Do you have any tips for me? What do you think would look nice? HELP ME FRIENDS!

Can’t wait to show you all my new shelves! Hopefully getting them today or next weekend.




I'm a late 20-something physical therapist living in Michigan with my hubby who loves reading and reviewing books, running, wine, and dogs.

4 thoughts on “Shelfie Sunday!

  1. It’s so cool seeing how other people organize their shelves! Before, mine were sorted by Most Favourites–> Mid-Favourites –> and so forth! Now they’re by colour, but I’m thinking of resorting them by genre soon!

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