Review Policy

You may use my contact form to contact me at any time about book reviews, ARCs, or promoting any other bookish items. All reviews will be honest and will be my own opinions. Each book will be rated from 0-5 stars, and will be published here, on my goodreads account, and on amazon. Some reviews may additionally be posted on my bookstagram account with a photo included (particularly if requested).

The genres I am most interested in include: YA, fantasy, mystery/thriller, and contemporary.

My Rating System:

5 stars: I loved it. My review may be a massive mess because I can’t form proper words to describe how much I adored this book. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK.

4 stars: I liked it a lot. I would recommend this to almost everyone. May have had some minor problems with plot, character development, or the writing, but still a great read.

3 stars: Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. I probably enjoyed the read but didn’t find the writing overwhelmingly spectacular, it had some gaping plot holes, or I hated the main character. I would still recommend it but with a few caveats.

2 stars: Didn’t enjoy it. Only forced myself to finish because I felt like I had to. I probably shouldn’t have picked this book up.

1 stars: I hated it and was lucky to have finished this book. Either the writing was terrible, the book was offensive, or I was bored out of my skull.

Please keep in mind that I may add “half stars” at my own discretion based on how much I enjoyed the read.